Ethics office: Tennessee Congressman may have misused funds

Rep. Jimmy Duncan, R-TN, is accused by the Office of Congressional Ethics of converting money from his political action committee for personal use. (DFH)

An independent ethics office says a Tennessee congressman, Republican John Duncan, may have improperly converted more than $100,000 from his campaign committee and leadership political action committee to personal use.

The conclusions from the Office of Congressional Ethics were released Wednesday by the House ethics committee, which says it’s continuing to review the matter.

The office says about one-quarter of the questionable spending came in the form of travel, including a three-night trip to West Virginia’s Greenbrier resort by Duncan, his family and campaign supporters who were friends. The ethics office said the 2014 trip primarily was recreational.

Lawyers representing Duncan dispute the findings and say the expenses in question were for “bona fide campaign or political purposes.” The lawyers are calling on the ethics committee to dismiss the matter.

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