Tennessee and Virginia senators split on party lines on "repeal and replace"


Senators representing Tennessee and Virginia kept to party lines in a failed vote Friday to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare.

The final vote was on partial or "skinny" repeal without replacement. It was a pared down proposal after several earlier and more comprehensive bills were rejected. It primarily would have eliminated the penalties involved with individual and employer mandates to provide health insurance. It also would have held up federal dollars from going to Planned Parenthood through Medicaid for one year while increasing funding to a community health center program. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), it would have reduced the federal deficit by $184 million and increased the number of insured people by 16 million.

Senate vote: 51 against, 49 for.


Yes Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN

Yes Sen. Bob Corker, R-TN


No Sen. Timothy Kaine, D-VA

No Sen. Mark Warner, D-VA

Among other votes on Capitol Hill this week, the House rejected a resolution amendment proposed by Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-VA 9 th District, to eliminate the budget analysis division of the CBO and transfer those duties to the director of CBO. The amendment followed Republican criticism directed at the nonpartisan CBO for its scoring of Republican plans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

House rejected 309 to 116.


No Rep. Phil Roe, R-TN


Yes Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-VA

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