5 more sentenced in East Tennessee meth conspriacy

Photo credit: MGN Online

Five more people have been sentenced in Greeneville in a large East Tennessee meth conspiracy.

According to the Department of Justice, law enforcement agencies began investigating a meth distribution network in 2016. This network was distributing multiple kilogram quantities of meth in and around Hawkins County. David Jones, 61, who lived in Chatsworth, Georgia, supplied the organization with meth that was then distributed by members of the conspiracy, most of whom were from Hawkins County. Jones was sentenced in April 2018 to serve 15 years in prison.

Here is the list of those sentenced earlier this week:

  • James Dwayne Byington, 50, Rogersville, Tennessee - 17 years and six months
  • Edward Smith, 52, Rogersville, Tennessee - 5 years and 10 months
  • Frankie Benton, 34, Bulls Gap, Tennessee - 15 years and eight months
  • Clay Seals, Jr., Surgoinsville, Tennessee - 10 years
  • Curtis Carpenter, 43, of Whitesburg, Tennessee - 14 years and four months

Other individuals who were part of the conspiracy include:

  • David Jones, 61, of Chatsworth, Georgia
  • Jonathan Delph, 51, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Stephanie Bailey, 50, of Hawkins County, Tennessee
  • Donna Strong, 54, a/k/a Donna Dunbar, of Surgoinsville, Tennessee
  • Jerry Robinette, 48, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Tyler Delph, 25, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Scottie Delph, 49, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • James Michael Whitaker, 55, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Paul Bledsoe Jr., 44, of Morristown, Tennessee
  • William West, 58, a/k/a Bump, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Leonard Brad Eidson, 43, of Bull’s Gap, Tennessee
  • Phillip Burton, 49, a/k/a Burger, of Rogersville, Tennessee
  • Toby Jones, 40, of Chatsworth, Georgia

All people charged in this case have been convicted of conspiring to distribute meth. Many have already been sentenced and the remainder are scheduled to be sentenced between now and June 12.

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