ATV club helps locate missing autistic teen

ATV club helps locate missing autistic teen

BRISTOL, Tenn. - According to Mike Carrier, the Interim Fire Chief, 80 people were out searching for missing 15-year-old Isaiah Chocquette, who is also autistic.

It was the help of a group of close knit friends that ultimately found the teen.

Bobby Richards is a member of the Mountain Trail Riders ATV club. When he heard about Chocquette running off, he volunteered his club to help in the search.

"One of our members heard it on the scanner and started gathering us up and getting our stuff together," said Richards.

So, he and a couple of his friends took two ATVs down the ridge where Chocquette was last seen.

At the same time, Zack Walton and Jeremy Woods took the other two ATVs to check Mud Hollow-- which is a rocky and deep canyon like hole in the ground.

"We were on a little service trail," said Walton.

Woods thought he heard an animal in the brush, but just to be safe, he told his team to cut the engines and investigate the sound.

"I heard a russel of leaves, and thought it's just a squirrel or something," said Woods. "But then I hollered Chocquette's name, and he hollered right back at us. He was sitting up. and I thought, that's the Lord at work. Of all the woods to cover, why would we stop right here and Chocquette would be 30 yards away?"

Thanks to Woods and the Trail Riders, the 15-year-old teen is safe and sound.

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