Bluff City Mayor Irene Wells runs for reelection, long-time citizen challenges her


BLUFF CITY, Tenn. - Candidates running for Bluff City Mayor will square off in tomorrow's Tennessee municipal elections.

Current Mayor Irene Wells is hoping for re-election. But she knows it will be a struggle as citizens are tired of the ongoing sewage problems that are over-flowing into Boone Lake.

Her opponent, Carolyn Harris Payne, accuses her of a lack of transparency in raising water rates in the last few years.

Mayor Wells says the state ordered the city to raise rates for five years, to get the city's budget out of the red. "I love this city," Mayor Wells said. "The people are like family and it breaks my heart when I can't take care of a problem that we've been working so hard to take care of." "It's all going to fall on the backs of the residents of Bluff City, who have paid property taxes for 40, 50 years or longer. And this is how they return their loyalty? If I get into office it will be total transparency," Candidate Carolyn Harris Payne said. Payne is a political newcomer, but is a long-time resident of Bluff City. She did not elaborate on her plans to fix Bluff City's sewage and budget issues.

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