Carter County Schools turn bus into classroom on wheels


Carter County Schools have turned an ordinary school bus into a classroom on the go.

The bus travels around the county and picks up local students. Aboard the bus, students are given a free lunch and book to take home with them.

"We're putting books in the students' hands and they're excited about reading them," said Amanda Scalf-Payne, who helped turn the idea of the mobile classroom into a reality.

The school district has been working on bringing the mobile classroom to life for four years.

"For family's that are struggling to make ends meet, this is giving back to them. This is something that needs to be done in every community," said the bus's driver, Teresa Pitman.

Pitman also has a grandson who goes to school in the county. She sees how much the community needs a mobile classroom like this.

"It's touching to see the school district work so hard to make sure every kid is getting something to eat during the summer. Plus they get a book to encourage reading and learning," said Pitman.

During the summer, the bus is bringing free meals into the community. But in the fall, it will be used as a preschool.

"We don't have high quality preschools in all of our communities. In some of our most rural areas, we don't even have daycares. We just don't have early childhood opportunities for kids," said school board member Dr. LaDonna Stout Boone.

She says this bus will fill that void during the school year.

"We have worked really hard to put literacy at the forefront in Carter County. Literacy is a right for all, it's not an opportunity, it's a right," said Dr. Boone.

The bus will be in a different area of the county every week. To find out when it's heading near you, visit this website.

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