Case involving four charged with beating man with baseball bat to proceed to grand jury

(WCYB/Caleb Perhne)

The case involving four people charged in a brutal beating and stabbing in Carter County is going to the grand jury. Video of the June 23 beating was shown in court for the first time Wednesday.

Investigators say the video shows Kasey Miller beating Matthew Lewandowski with a steel bat and Matthew Dye stabbing him in the neck after they drove Lewandowski to a remote part of Carter County.

The victim was hurt so badly, he's still in the hospital.

"He had stitches on the side of his head and stitches in the back of his neck,” Officer Chris Reichenbach testified.

Ross Kelly and Michael Silcox are charged along with Miller and Dye with aggravated kidnapping and attempted first degree murder. Reichenbach said Kelly was a lookout and Silcox recorded the video.

"They drove him out there to beat him and potentially kill him,” Reichenback said.

A defense attorney replied, "Well, I want to stop you there when you say, 'potentially kill him.' Did any of these defendants give a statement saying that they took him out there to kill him?"

"No," Reichenbach replied.

"Did any of them say they took him out there to potentially kill him?"


Defense attorney's argued against the attempted murder charges. They said there isn't evidence of premeditation. Attorneys for Silcox and Kelly argued their clients aren't responsible and were simply innocent bystanders.

"Did my client ever touch the victim?" Kelly’s attorney asked Reichenbach.

"Not to my knowledge,” he replied.

The prosecutor says all four are responsible and were willing participants. He pointed out that after the recording, Silcox sent it to Miller.

"Mr. Silcox, if he is the videographer of this event, moves around to get at advantageous points of crime as it occurs, making him criminally responsible for the conduct,” he said.

Sessions Judge Keith Bowers decided with the prosecutor, finding sufficient cause to send the case on to a grand jury.

If a grand jury indicts them, the four will return to court September 19. Dye, Kelly and Silcox remain in jail on a $250,000 bond. Miller is being held on a $350,000 bond.

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