Chattanooga care worker indicted for death of former Greene County resident

Chattanooga care worker indicted for death of former Greene County resident

Chattanooga Police officers have arrested the woman they say is responsible for the death of an Orange Grove Center resident in April.

On April 18th, Carrie Lee Parkey was found dead in an Orange Grove van outside a group home. Parkey was 60-years-old and is a former Greene County, Tennessee resident who was also cared for at the former Greene Valley Developmental Center, according to information obtained by News 5.

According to Orange Grove, a staff member picked Carrie Lee Parkey up around 8 a.m. in the morning, and he was found inside one of their vans several hours later.

On Thursday, Chattanooga police arrested 60-year-old Cliftina K. Jones, and a grand jury indicted her on charges of criminally negligent homicide, said a report from our sister station WTVC.

Rhea County District Attorney Mike Taylor says Jones was the bus driver and drove the day Parkey's body was found.

Carrie Parkey's family sued Orange Grove in September, claiming that the center had been negligent in their care of him.

The lawsuit claims that Parkey suffered "great pain, anguish, fear, fright, and ultimate hyperthermia which led to his death."

It claims employees failed to get him out of the van and stop him from reentering the van, which the suit claims led to his death.

Parkey's family attorney Jim Logan says Parkey's brother called him and wished to express his appreciation to the law enforcement authorities who conducted the investigation into the case.

Logan says it's his desire to make sure policies are enacted to make certain nothing like this happens again.

Up until now, the medical examiner's report ruled Parkey's death accidental.

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