Community volunteers landscape disabled veteran's soon-to-be new home

Volunteers work on landscaping Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Hall's new home. It was built for free by nonprofit Homes for Our Troops.

Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Hall lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2012. The nonprofit Homes for Our Troops is helping him get a fresh start with a new house.

"I don't think reality has really set in yet,” Hall said. “I'm just still kind of going through the motions for now."

In one week, it will be reality. The house is almost ready for Hall and his family to move in.

Volunteers came together in Jonesborough Saturday to help with yard work. They are welcoming him as a new neighbor and thanking him for his service.

"I would say it's both,” volunteer and neighbor Amy Steigerwalt said. “welcoming a veteran after everything they've done for us.”

Hall is one of more than 250 disabled veterans getting homes across the country. All of those homes were built and given away.

"We don't see it as doing something, a charity, we it as a duty to take care of our veterans," said Alicia Wlodynski, community outreach coordinator for Homes for Our Troops.

Each house that Homes for Our Troops builds for disabled veterans includes special adaptations, like down cabinets and windows that open from the side, making them accessible from a wheelchair.

"I haven't even been able to use my wheelchair in the last year because there's just not enough accessibility in the house,” Hall said.

The house also includes an electric door, extra space below the cabinets and wider hallways that make mobility easier for a person in a wheelchair.

It will the first time since losing his leg that Hall will be living in a house without stairs.

"I'm so used to having to deal with everything that it's going to be an adjustment not to have to deal with it,” Hall said. “but a good adjustment."

Hall will receive the keys to his new house at a special ceremony Saturday, June 23 at 10 a.m.

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