Engraved bricks support volunteer firefighter monument


MOSHEIM, Tenn. - A group of firefighters in Greene County are working to build a monument to honor volunteer firefighters in the region. The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance partnered with the Mosheim Fire Department. Together they want to build a monument that would honor and help educate kids about volunteer firefighters.

The building would sit next to the mosheim fire department. The alliance is raising money by selling engraved bricks that will sit in its courtyard.

Volunteers make up the a large portion of Tennessee's firefighters. Those behind this effort want to inspire support from upcoming generations.

"Guys have spent 25, 30 years of their life dedicating it to the community to help out for no pay," said Volunteer Firefighter Alliance executive director Alan Bohms. "It gives children an idea when they come here, and they can see things dedicated to people like that so that maybe when they grow older they would like to do something like that and get the support from their community."

The new building, the Mosheim fire station, and the burn building would all be available to educate kids.

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