Former Sullivan Central SRO who confronted gunman in 2010 back in the spotlight

Face to face with a gunman. That's what happened to a local school resource officer.

That was nearly eight years ago, but the deadly mass shooting in Florida brought all the emotions flooding back.

Carolyn Gudger was a School Resource Officer at Sullivan Central when a would-be school shooter tried to kill the very people she was in charge of keeping safe.

Now, a social media post showing her in the standoff of her life, has nearly 300,000 shares.

It's an unimaginable situation, starring down the barrel of gun, but still focusing on doing your job.

"It's just a situation you expect and you train for, you just hope it doesn't happen," Gudger said.

August 30th, 2010 is a day she thinks about often, finding herself between Sullivan Central's principal and Thomas Cowan, armed with two guns.

"It's just part of our job as a school resource officer protect everybody we can," she said.

Cowan was determined to get students out of their classrooms, where they were on lock-down.

He wanted to set off the fire alarm, but a quick thinking Gudger, in an effort to buy time said it was disabled. She then tried to stall him longer, by offering to take him to one that was working.

"They walked down the hall with guns pointed at each other for about 13 minutes," Sheriff Wayne Anderson.

This, is how she got the gunman to follow her and eventually led him to other deputies, who shot and killed Cowan.

Students heard the gunshots and were terrified.

"I just remembered praying because I didn't know what was going on," former Sullivan Central student Taylor Hicks said.

Hicks talks about reuniting with her mom, after thinking she may not get to see her again...

"I just remember running to her because that was like the first comforting thing we had seen all day," Hicks said.

Sheriff Anderson said without the actions of officer Gudger, the outcome would have been different.

"She saved lives that day, there's no doubt about it," Anderson said.

All these years later, Gudger said students and their families still come up to her, thanking her for her bravery.

"They still tell me I was there that day. I have parents that say I had someone there that day. And it's good they can say I had someone there and they're ok," Gudger said.

Officer Gudger is now a school resource officer at Sullivan East.

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