Freezing weather causes several waterline breaks

VIDEO: Freezing weather causes several waterline breaks

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The below freezing temperatures have caused several waterline breaks across the region.

The city of Bristol, Va.reported two breaks overnight.

Johnson City, Tenn. reported fifteen waterline leaks or breaks.

To protect your water pipes, plumbers recommend insulating your exposed pipes.

Insulating materials can be found at most hardware stores.

"When it gets this cold, if you're worried, you can leave a sink running during the night so the water won't freeze," said Sam Blaylock, owner of Blaylock Plumbing.

He also said you may not notice a problem with your pipes until temperatures go up.

"There could be a lot of breaks next week when it starts warming up, and thawing out. That's when pipes will start busting and having a lot of problems."

That's because as the ice melts, there may be more water in the pipes than they can hold.

Blaylock was working on repairing a waterline for a housing complex in Bristol, Tenn. today.

The utility pipes were underground, but because it's so cold, the ground froze and cracked the pipe.

Carl Miller lives in the complex Blaylock was working on.

Miller said in all the seven years he's lived there, he's never seen a break like this.

"Im surprised this hasn't already happened with as cold as it's been," said Miller.

He said he filled up water jugs to hold him over while crews turned off his water to work on the break.


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