Friends of Johnson City homicide victim say she was pregnant


A growing memorial made by friends where police say Rebekah Thompson was shot and killed. Now, her friends are struggling to cope with the loss as they remember her as a giving person.

Friends shared photos of her to News 5.

The homicide victim identified as Rebekah Thompson actually went by the name of Stacy Magee. "I've been crying my heart out all night. I had to see her fight for her life," Carlos Toledo, a friend of Magee said.

"Sometimes I might come across a pinch and be a little short on food, I'd have some but it wasn't much and she'd come by and see my refrigerator and take me up to Walmart say I got you big bro. I'd be like I'll get you back tomorrow I get paid and she'd be like no forget that. She was sweet," Toledo said. Now, he's left to cope with losing a friend and the violence of the crime. "If somebody would shoot a sweet little woman like that, a person like me don't stand a chance," he said. Police saying Magee was shot inside her vehicle, in front of her infant child.

Friends, and a Facebook post from Magee, saying she was pregnant. Police were unable to confirm it so far.

"We've not been able to determine that. But we've had some people say that. Through the autopsy, that's one of the things we're hoping to get the information about," Lieutenant Kevin Peters said. The manhunt intensifies for the killer now of possibly two, as neighbors stop by where the shot was fired, remembering Magee. Those friends, pleading for someone to come forward with information. "I suggest that you be a man or a righteous person, woman or man, and do what's right as if it were your daughter or mother or sister or auntie or whatever," Toledo said. "No woman deserves to die with their baby in the back seat of the car."

Johnson City Police have no new information about the suspect.

They only say they're looking for a black man, last seen wearing a black and red hoodie, driving a black vehicle with tinted windows.

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