Frigid temperatures: local organization providing firewood to those in need

Greene County Firewood Ministry: delivering firewood to those in need

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Sawing, organizing, and delivering; that's what the Greene County Firewood Ministry does all winter long.

"We cut, split, and deliver firewood to those that don't have the financial or physical ability to get it for themselves," says president of Greene County Firewood Ministry David Andrew.

The local food bank helps connect those in need with the ministry.

"They go there asking for assistance and if it's heat and firewood that they need, then the food bank refers them to us and helps set up and coordinate the deliveries," Andrew says.

During this week's severe cold weather, 120 loads have been delivered, bringing the year-to-date total to about 700 loads.

"Because of this extreme cold snap that we've had recently, the firewood has gone out at an alarming rate, and we have struggled to keep firewood split and ready to deliver," Andrew says.

This is the central location in Greeneville where raw wood donations are received and prepared by volunteers for delivery.

"We've got the saws running, we've got splitters running, we have raw wood coming in to be processed, and we'll have trucks and trailers being loaded to go out and make deliveries," Andrew says.

For Vinnie McQueen, the wood donations mean assurance that her family will stay warm.

"It's a is a blessing, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I pray for them, and I wish I could do for them as they have done for me," McQueen says.

For more information, visit the Greene County Firewood Ministry website:

To donate or volunteer contact: David Andrew, cell: (423)-552-3501

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