Good Samaritan Mission's Summer Food Box Distribution

This volunteer is doing her part in the community by helping others that are less fortunate by providing them food, cleaning supplies and hygiene products. (Christy Calcagno/WCYB)

It is important for people to come together for a good cause.

Today, neighbors came together to help others in need by distributing summer food boxes to the less fortunate.

The Good Samaritan Mission hosted the distribution. Each box provided a family with weeks of food, cleaning supplies and hygiene products.

The mission's goal is to help 1,500 people across 9 counties.

Executive Director Aaron Murphy said he wants to give children the necessities.

"It's very important that children have the necessities like food, and nutrients they need so that they can grow and mature into strong community adults that give back to our community," said Murphy.

Good Samaritan Ministries continues to value their mission statement of providing education, mentoring and social services.

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