Hawkins County schools stay closed, hope to resume Monday

Hawkins County schools were closed all week due to the the winter storm. They hope open back up Monday.

Locked doors and empty playgrounds are sights all around Hawkins County Schools.

They're closed as bad road conditions still linger from the big snow.

The decision to close schools was made with careful consideration.

"Our staff was out driving the back roads seeing how clear the bus could get through" says interim Director of Schools Reba Bailey.

Road superintendent Lowell Bean says it’s a challenge to get rural, and often very isolated roads cleared from snow and fallen tree branches.

"We have a tremendous amount of trees” says Bean. “We're working on trees today. We'll be working and cleaning up next week also."

Many county schools use the block schedule, meaning finals are upcoming.

Bailey says the state has granted an extension to schools so they can complete testing. She also says schools shouldn't be affected too much because snow days are allowed for in the school calendar.

"What our district does is stockpile snow days” Bailey says. “We stock pile 13 snow days through the year."

The district hopes schools can resume Monday.

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