Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton takes residency at International Storytelling Center


Jerron Paxton is a musician at heart. He's mastered nearly a dozen instruments ranging from the harmonica to the guitar and even ox bones.

"My love of mechanics started first and that moved into a love of music and learning how to manipulate the music," Paxton says. "From there on I just never quit."

The Los Angeles native got his start playing gigs but quickly realized his audience liked the stories between the songs just as much as the music.

"Most of my stories are not fairy tales," he says. "They're told from facts. Most are taken from facts about my family, friends, how I grew up and where I grew up."

Now his shows consist of both music and stories. The two often blend together to create a unique sound to everyone except for Paxton. He says he doesn't think it's unique because that's the way stories were told to him as a child.

Paxton is taking center stage this week at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough. You can see him Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 2 p.m., but he won't be able to see you.

"I'm legally blind," Paxton says. "Legally blind people are just as human as everyone else. They have the same abilities in different ways. We're not special angelic creatures that navigate the world with a sixth sense."

His stage name is "Blind Boy Paxton" and he says the beauty of storytelling is that you don't need to see to understand what's going on because the story unfolds in your imagination. Paxton says he isn't fully blind, but the nickname "Legally Blind Box Paxton" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

For more information on ticket prices and such, click here.

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