Johnson City kicks off 150th Birthday celebration

The city unveiled a time capsule of artifacts that were buried 50 years ago.

A crowd of city officials and residents partied like it was 1969 as Johnson City begins celebrating its sesquicentennial year.

"It's exciting to see the way the city has grown" says Mayor Jenny Brock. "But what started in 1869, began to establish the culture of who we are today."

The biggest attraction? The unveiling of a time capsule buried 50 years ago.

Opening it revealed more than 50 keepsakes including newspapers and magazines. Even a copy of the city's budget, which was $7 million then. Now, it's $247 million, including schools, all enterprise funds, and the general fund.

Congressman Phil Roe flew in for the celebration. He said he's proud of the city's growth.

"To go away and come back to see the things you did, roads that got built, University Pky, State of Franklin, Knob Creek, all those things that you see done and you see how it improves your city" says Roe.

Resident Mona Baharestani enjoyed looking into the city's past.

"It's amazing" says Baharestani. "You look at the images, the buildings, and you see the lives of people in another time and you look at where we are now, it's exciting to see a lot of restoration."

But as Mayor Jenny Brock looks back, she's also looking ahead.

"For the adults here, it's remembering" says Brock. "For the children here, it's teaching. We want to take this yearlong celebration and teach our young people about the history of this city."

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