Judge denies veteran injunction in case against Dept. of Veterans Affairs

James H. Quillen VA Medical Center (WCYB photo).jpg

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WCYB) Today, a local Tennessee veteran went before a federal judge to try and prove the Department of Veterans Affairs is interfering with his right to access opioids.

Marine veteran Robert Rose of Gray, Tennessee is representing himself in the case.

He filed for an injunction against the VA in April-- claiming he has proof that the VA has interfered with his right to access opioids to manage his chronic pain.

He tried to argue that his 5th and 8th Amendment rights were violated-- saying his quality of life has deteriorated without opioids.

However, the judge ruled he did not present enough evidence to prove the VA infringed upon any of his fundamental rights, and ruled against the injunction.

Congressman Phil Roe is also named as a defendant in the case but was excused from appearing in court Wednesday.

While the judge denied the injunction, the lawsuit is still set to go to trial in July 2019.

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