Kingsport City Schools unveils new DB Excel facility


Kingsport City Schools unveiled its newest facility on Wednesday and it's offering a unique learning experience.

The school is called DB Excel and it is housed in a wing of the Kingsport Press Building- a multi-agency facility that also houses the Chamber of Commerce and the school system's central offices are located.

DB Excel is a school for Dobyns Bennett High School students who are looking for a different learning environment than what is offered at the traditional high school.

"We don't sacrifice rigor here. We are just as rigorous as courses you would take at the main campus. So we just want students to be prepared and know the direction that they need to head in to be successful when they finish their four years of high school," D-B Excel Principal Shanna Hensley explained.

Hensley says students do some of their course work online and spend more time with teachers when needed.

The school has 210 students enrolled right now. An application must be submitted from anyone wanting to attend the school.

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