New laws effective in Tennessee as of January 1

New laws effective in Tennessee as of January 1

Heads up about some new laws in Tennessee that might impact you.

Sixteen new laws going into effect now in Tennessee.

One that could impact your daily life.... handheld cell phone use is now illegal in school zones.

If you're driving, using a phone while the school zone flashers are on, you could get a $50 fine.

There's a new requirement that school bus drivers must now be at least 25-years-old and complete a training program.

This comes in response to the deadly bus crash in Chattanooga in 2016.

Six elementary school students died in the crash. the driver, Johnthony walker... was 24 at the time.

For all drivers, there's a new law on headlights.

Lights on the front of your vehicle can only be white or amber in color. There are some exceptions, like law enforcement and mail carriers.

Another new law allows military personnel to skip firing range training that's normally required to get a handgun carry permit.

Military members can skip this if they can prove they've already passed their small arms or combat pistol training in any branch of the military.

Here's a list of all the new laws effective 1/1/2018 in Tennessee:

SB0128 Codes - As enacted, updates, from the August 2011 edition to the August 2016 edition, the electrical safety code governing electric- supply stations and lines; updates publisher's address. - Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 101.

SB0032 Barbers - As enacted, broadens barbers' ability to perform services in a residence from residences of persons who are actually ill to all residences regardless of the health of the person; requires residential barber certificate in order to provide residential services. - Amends TCA Title 62.

HB1392 Professions and Occupations - As enacted, allows a homeowner to cancel a contract for alarm services for a period longer than two years by giving 30 days' written notice to the alarm systems contractor after the initial two years if the homeowner has to sell the real property due to medical reasons; requires a homeowner to provide the alarm systems contractor with a letter from the homeowner's treating physician verifying the medical reasons that compel the homeowner to sell the property and seek cancellation of the alarm system service contract. - Amends TCA Title 62, Chapter 32, Part 3.

HB0689 Handgun Permits - As enacted, creates an exemption to the firing range component of the training that is required in order to obtain a handgun carry permit for applicants who submit proof to the department of safety that they have successfully passed small arms qualification training or combat pistol training in any branch of the United States armed forces. - Amends TCA Section 39-17-1351.

HB0322 School Transportation - As enacted, establishes a school transportation supervisor program for the monitoring and oversight of transportation services for local education authorities and charter schools; requires new school bus drivers to complete a training program prior to transporting students; requires a driver to be at least 25 years of age to receive an initial school bus driver license endorsement. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 21; Section 55- 50-302 and Title 55, Chapter 9, Part 6.

HB0141 Motor Vehicles - As enacted, enacts "The Motor Vehicle Recall and Disclosure Law." - Amends TCA Title 55.

SB0413 Physicians and Surgeons - As enacted, enacts the "Visiting Sports Team Act." - Amends TCA Title 63.

SB0723 Education, Higher - As enacted, enacts the "Campus Free Speech Protection Act." - Amends TCA Title 49.

SB0597 Disabled Persons - As enacted, allows disabled adults to have paid personal aides to perform health maintenance tasks for them. - Amends TCA Title 63; Title 68 and Title 71.

HB0862 Courts, Juvenile - As enacted, enacts the "Tennessee Zero to Three Court Initiative" to create five additional zero to three court programs throughout the state to be administered by the department of children's services. - Amends TCA Title 16; Title 36 and Title 37.

HB1291 Alcoholic Beverage Commission - As enacted, removes jurisdiction over enforcement of criminal offenses involving marijuana from the commission. - Amends TCA Title 57, Chapter 1, Part 2.

SB0194 Motor Vehicles - As enacted, revises provisions governing lights displayed on vehicles. - Amends TCA Title 55, Chapter 8 and Title 55, Chapter 9, Part 4.

SB0429 Drugs, Prescription - As enacted, authorizes the department of health to establish a prescription drug donation repository program. - Amends TCA Title 56; Title 63 and Title 68.

SB0802 Fines and Penalties - As enacted, revises provisions governing payment plans and stays from license revocation for assessed litigation taxes, court costs, and fines. - Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 24.

SB0954 Criminal Offenses - As enacted, creates the Class C misdemeanor, punishable only by a fine of up to $50.00, for a person to knowingly operate a motor vehicle in any marked school zone in this state, when a warning flasher or flashers are in operation, and talk on a hand-held mobile telephone while the vehicle is in motion; makes it a delinquent act, punishable only by a fine of up to $50.00, for a person under the age of 18 to operate a motor vehicle and talk on a mobile phone that is equipped with a hands-free device while the vehicle is in motion; creates certain exceptions. - Amends TCA Title 55, Chapter 8.

SB0438 Business Organizations - As enacted, enacts the "Tennessee Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2017." - Amends TCA Title 61.

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