Poll: 51 percent of Tennesseans approve of Trump's job performance


Governor Bill Haslam has a higher approval rating in Tennessee than fellow GOP member and President Donald Trump, according to a recent poll conducted by Middle Tennessee State University.

Trump won the state back in November with a commanding 61 percent of the vote. Among Tennessee voters polled earlier this month, they gave him a 51 percent nod in terms of the job he is doing in Washington, the data showed.

In comparison, President Barack Obama had 53 percent of state residents approve of his job performance after his first month in office, the report said.

Haslam's job rating remains steady at 57 percent, the poll showed, but it appears the reviews on his proposed plan to raise the gasoline tax for transportation projects are mixed.

The poll showed only 38 percent of voters agreed with the tax increase while 28 percent were not in favor it and 33 percent said they were not sure of the first gas tax hike since 1989.

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