Possible upgrades coming to Johnson City middle schools, but with a hefty price tag

    Indian Trail

    Johnson City Schools are looking at how much it would cost to upgrade the district's middle schools.

    Right now, Indian Trail middle school houses students in grades 5-6. Liberty Bell middle school houses students in grades 7-8.

    School board members are considering changing that, and making both schools grades 5-8.

    At Monday night's board meeting, the school board went over how much it would cost to update the schools in the process of the restructuring.

    The board commissioned a local architect to look at what upgrades are needed to the schools athletic and storage facilities, as well as to the science departments.

    Thomas Weems Architects determined Indian Trail suffers from a lack of parking spaces and needs more storage. They also reported the science classrooms need safety upgrades.

    At Liberty Bell, the architects revealed the school has an insufficient amount of science classrooms and could use upgrades to its playground.

    Thomas Weems Architects say all of the upgrades would cost around $8 million.

    School board members say they are concerned they don't have the necessary funds to do all the upgrades, and may have to choose just the ones that are vital to the schools.

    The board plans to ask the city commission for help funding some of the project.

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