President Trump and family now land owners in Hawkins County


A Hawkins county property owner approached President Trump's representatives about owning land there. Now, the deal is done, and he has the deed to prove it.

We talked to Philip Henard, he owns land in the Grandview Estates area of Hawkins County.

He told me he thought it would be interesting if he could sell part of this land to the Trump family.

The deed said the Trump organization, Donald Trump and wife, Melania Trump and Donald Trump Junior and wife, Vanessa Trump now own lot number 40.

It's a one acre lot on Arrington Road.

According to state real estate assessment data, the land market value for that lot is $7,800.

The deed was signed on Friday, but Henard said the deal has been in the works for about a year.

"Been exciting and after it took a place it's been a whirlwind since then," Henard said.

We also talked to residents who say they hope this deal will encourage others to come to Northeast Tennessee to buy land.

If you're wondering what the Trump's plans are for this land, Henard said he has no idea.

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