Protestors in Johnson City want VA jobs filled across the nation


    JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Veterans and concerned citizens took to the street corners in Johnson City Saturday, standing in protest of the nation's 49,000 VA job vacancies.

    The crowd didn't let the rain deter them from holding signs and chanting, "Staff the VA." They cheered when cars honked as they drove past.

    The American Federation of Government Employees planned the event, as well as similar protests across the country. David Hutton, the political coordinator for the local AFGE chapter, said that though the VA has problems nationally, his group has a good relationship with the local one.

    "We have one of the best VA's in the country, and I say that without hesitation," Hutton said. "We have a new director, who has done an outstanding job. He has came in a filled positions. Part of what we want to do here locally is support him in his goal of fully filling and fully funding our VA here."

    Hutton also says that he wants all veterans to receive quality health care and not have to wait for it.

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