Rallies call for acting attorney general to recuse himself from Russia probe

(WCYB/Tim Davis)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned Wednesday at President Trump's request. That has some people worried about Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

"It's a sense of accountability,” Washington County, Tennessee Democrats Chair Kate Craig said. “If you take out one of those systems, if you take out two of those systems, you've really removed that sense of accountability."

The Washington County Democratic party hosted a rally in Johnson City Thursday night to voicing their concerns. At the rally, there were speakers, chants and signs saying "no one is above the law.”

Sessions’ resignation puts former Justice Department Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker in charge. He has been a vocal critic of the Russia probe.

They see Sessions' resignation as an attempt by President Trump to interfere with the Russia investigation. People at the rally wanted Whitaker to recuse himself from the investigation.

It was one of more than 900 rallies across the country including in Bristol, Abingdon, Greeneville and Boone.

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