Residents reeling from officer-involved shooting in quiet neighborhood

VIDEO:Residents reeling from officer-involved shooting in quiet neighborhood

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. - Authorities are now revealing the man shot and killed by police in Hawkins County was wanted for a violent armed robbery in Virginia.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation identified the man killed as 25-year-old Eugene Loftis, known as Geno.

According to police, he fired gunshots during an armed robbery at Huff Apartments in Clintwood, Va.

Several hours later, deputies in Hawkins County received a tip that Loftis was at a mobile home in Church Hill, Tenn.

When deputies arrived at the neighborhood on Okolona Road, they say they saw Loftis in the passengers side of a car.

As they approached him, they say Loftis reached for a gun, so a deputy opened fire and killed him on scene.

No one else was hurt.

Residents of the mobile home park where the incident happened are reeling from the shooting.

"You think about it happening in a big city, but not here in a little country town. It's concerning that he lives so close," said Tammy Drinnon, a resident of the park.

Another neighbor heard the commotion. She didn't want to share her identity, but told her story.

"We were in the kitchen cooking and we heard the three gunshots. So, we ran outside to see what was going on," she said.

She then said she heard screaming and was on edge.

"It was just scary that he lived so close," she said.

Residents wanted to clarify that Loftis didn't live in their mobile home park. He lived up a side road in a lot next to the park.

Tammy Drinnon lived just feet away from his property.

"He lives in the trailer across the fence behind us. He had a wife and kid I believe. This just made us a little concerned. My daughter goes out early and comes home late. We'll definitely be a little more cautious," said Drinnon.

Other neighbors echoed Drinnon's concern.

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