Students, faculty remember ETSU professor

Professor Chris Dula leaves a lasting legacy at ETSU.

When classes resume next week at ETSU, there will be one significant void.

Chris Dula passed away Tuesday after battling brain cancer.

President Brian Noland says he’ll be greatly missed.

"He brought a sense of energy, a sense of presence, a sense of caring, a sense of compassion, a sense of charisma, a sense of life that's kind of beyond description" says Noland.

Many students showing their respects on social media.

One student said, "He was always positive and in high spirits and always encouraging others to do what made them happy."

Another said, "I can't accept that it was Dr. Dula's time. He had so much more to offer to the world."

Devin Ricker who made a short film about Dula said he had a great impact on him.

"He wasn't just a professor he wasn't just a psychologist" Ricker said. "He lived his life to the fullest. He was also an adviser, a teacher, someone who really cared about his students."

Garrett Tumlin, a former student of Dula's, says he stood for what was right.

"It's so hard to find someone that's not apart of the minority that helps to support the minority students so much" Tumlin said. "He definitely was one of those people."

President Noland says Professor Dula was a rock star on campus.

"I heard about Chris Dula before I ever arrived" says Noland. "The moment I first met him I thought, 'Wow this guy's better than they told me he was.' He was beyond description. He was beyond wonderful."

The school will honor Dula Sunday at 1 p.m. at Brooks Gym. The event is open to the public.

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