Tennessee's oldest church makes plans for restoration project

Sinking Creek Baptist Church in Carter County is making plans to restore its original church building. (WCYB/Caleb Perhne)

Tennessee's oldest church is working on a plan to restore its original building. Sinking Creek Baptist Church in Carter County is taking bids and assessing the cost.

"We want to do the very best work we can on it to make it's around for my kids and for our grandkids to come,” Pastor Jayson Hoagland said.

The original log structure was built in 1783.

Most of the damage to the building is from a truck that crashed into it in the 1960s. The building was knocked off its foundation.

Over time, the floor and wall settled into the ground. Now, the floor is six inches lower on one side than the other.

"It's like a starting point for me in my life, and I'm sure anybody else that's come through here, they can say the same thing,” Tony Young said.

Young was baptized in the old church building when he was seven. For him, the old building is a symbol of the church’s progress.

Sinking Creek is taking bids for the project. They hope to complete it in the next year or two.

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