Activity ideas for Valentine's Day thrill seekers

Soaring through the trees at 300 feet at Off the Grid Mountain Adventures in Elizabethton

Valentine's day is just around the corner...and we have a unique idea for your plans, especially if you're looking for something adventurous. Zipping through the trees, flying through the air, and blazing through the mountains; nothing says adventure like the experience at Off the Grid Mountain Adventures.

"When we designed this, we wanted something special for the Tri-Cities," says co-owner of Off the Grid Mountain Adventures Monie McCoury.

Some relationship experts say adventure activities can help couples bond.

"You're doing it together, you're building trust together and it's something that you're not doing every day," says McCoury.

Jump off the edge, and don't look back; the double zip line allows couples to ride side by side.

"The longest, highest, and fastest zip line on the east coast, 3,000 feet long, 300 feet above the ground, and you'll reach speeds up to 60 miles an get to go off from the top, exactly at the same time...this is a great activity for couples, first of all, you get to come out, you get to have some excitement, some adventure, and everybody knows in an relationship, it's about excitement, it's about adventure, it's about doing things together," McCoury says.

Soaring through the air, and reaching for the stars; the giant swing seats two for a ride to the sky.

"You'll be hoisted up 50 feet, now, that's five stories, and you'll be just hanging there and then you'll pull your own release, and for an instant, you'll know what it feels like to be completely weightless," McCoury says.

If you’re not one for heights, you can also keep your adventurous valentine's day experience on the ground.

"We have what's called a guided UTV mountain tour...we get up there, we have fun, we go through the mountains, we're climbing, we're going vertical, across, down, over boulders, through water...if you want to do something that's amazing with your significant other, this is the trip, you get to go two people to it, and go all over this amazing mountain."

Valentine's day adventure seekers have met their match. This time of year, Off the Grid Mountain Adventures works by reservation only, but in the spring and summer months, you can stop by the location off highway 19E in Elizabethton.

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