What it's like to work on Christmas

What it's like to work on Christmas

BRISTOL, Va. - Many people in our region have to work on Christmas.

Shoney's was one of the restaurants open today, welcoming guests to enjoy a holiday meal.

The manager at the Shoney's in Bristol, Virginia said even though the staff is working on a holiday, they have fun together.

Stockings were hung around the restaurant, and the manager brought in "Shoney Bear" to spread Christmas cheer.

The manager, Chris Newsome, said he's been working there for seven years, and that the restaurant is open on the holidays to serve those who may not be able to cook for themselves.

"We give back to people who don't have a lot of family, who might not want to cook for one or two people at home," Newsome explained.

He said Christmas is usually a very busy day for Shoney's.

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