World War II Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

Florence "Helen" Fetzer is celebrating her 100th birthday.

Making it to your 100th birthday, is quite the accomplishment.

But Florence Fetzer isn't your typical 100 year old.

She grew up in the Great Depression, graduated high school at 16, and was a teacher.

Her dad barely had enough money for her to get a teaching credential.

"When he got a $100 bonus, finally, he gave me $50 of it and says, 'Here girl. I'm going to give you half of the bonus," Fetzer said. "He said I want you to go on to college."

But after Pearl Harbor happened, she wanted to join the military.

"My brothers were going to be drafted" Fetzer said. "I thought, 'Well if they took women, I would volunteer to go."

Longtime family friend and town leader Bill Carter says she's a hero.

"She wanted to serve her country and that again contributes to the total woman that she is," Carter said.

Her neighbor, Mabel Irwin, praises her, saying she's honest and humble.

"She's just a true hero just a living legacy," Irwin says. "We call her our queen."

But Fitzer doesn't like the attention.

"I never wanted to be the oldest one around," Fetzer said. "I would rather just be one in the crowd."

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