11 year-old multi-series motorcycle champion: turning heads on the race track

Young motorcycle racer taking the sport by storm with multiple championship wins at just 11 years-old.

A young Virginia boy is turning heads on the racetrack. 11 year-old, Blake Davis already has several championships to his name, racing against riders twice his age.

"I saw my dad racing and I decided I wanted to try it so I tried it out in my backyard," says 11 year-old Blake Davis.

Davis' motorcycle racing career began in his backyard at just three years old; at four he was racing motocross, by six, you could find him on asphalt tracks, and by 10 he was racing bigger bikes on bigger tracks. He's currently riding a 300 and a 125.

"It's a two-stroke, so it's a little bit faster than the four stroke which is a 300," Blake says.

Davis first raced on dirt tracks then on to street racing a few years later.

"We heard you could go to a kart track, a paved kart track, a go-kart track, and race your motorcycle, so his dad put street tires on his dirt bike and he went and did that and loved it," says Blake’s mother Shelby Davis.

Since then, he's been a four-time champion at Virginia International Raceway, along with countless other wins, and multi-series champion titles.

"We went out to California, and we did a 24-hour race and we would switch riders as we went, and fill up the tank when we came in, so that was a pretty big win for us, and we've had a few championships," Blake says.

On the race track, Blake races against riders twice his age, and wins.

"The moments of realizing he was extremely talented was when adults were saying, did you see that six year old pass me, that seven year old blew me away," Shelby says.

"He would race with the adults and the competitive nature that he had was really what kind of told me more...anyone can have natural ability, but you have to have more than just the natural ability to really race,” says Blake’s father Mike Davis.

Blake currently races in the WERA national amateur race series. At 14, he'll be eligible to race in the Moto-America junior class, and at 16, he can go pro.

"I want to grow up and race all of the pros and maybe get a few pro championships," Blake says.

He's definitely one to watch, as his young career races into the future.

For more information on Blake Davis' racing career, visit his website, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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