16-year-old girl found safe by Roanoke police, man facing abduction charges

Deidra Amaya Davis, Black, Female, red hair, hazel eyes, 16 years of age, 5 foot 2 inches tall, weighing 105 lbs wearing long shorts and white tank top. (Virginia State Police)

UPDATE: Authorities have found a 16-year-old girl believed to have been abducted.

Roanoke police found Deidra Davis around 1:00 a.m. Monday.

Davis is safe and unharmed. Police said she will be released back to her family soon.

The man police said allegedly kidnapped Davis has been taken into custody.

Cameron Williams is now facing abduction charges.

Police will not be releasing where Williams and Davis were found.


An Amber Alert was issued Sunday tonight for a girl from Roanoke, Virginia.

Police say they say 16-year-old Deidra Amaya Davis was taken from a relatives residence by 18-year-old Camron Gil Williams. Roanoke police say they have reason to believe she is in danger.

They say Williams is currently wanted on warrants not related to this incident.

They say Williams and Davis know each other. He is known to drive an older green jeep Cherokee.

Anyone with info should contact Roanoke Police Department at 1-540-853-2411 or Virginia State Police at 1-800-822-4453.

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