Boy Scouts Klondike Derby teaches kids how to work as a team


Local Boy Scouts competed in the annual Klondike Derby in downtown Bristol Saturday.

We were there Saturday morning, before the scouts went off on the sled race, stopping at various stations.

At the stations, the scouts have to complete various tasks, like first aid, map and compass and cooking their own lunch.

We talked to a couple Boy Scouts who tell us they have a favorite stop.

We're also told this isn't just a competition,it teaches the boys teamwork.

"They do it without adult supervision so they are out there on their own to do the best job they can," Klondike Derby chariman Sam Belew said. "Mines probably first aid," Scout Clayton Ball said.

"Mines either first aid or map and compass," Xander Brown said.

We're told about 50 adults worked the derby, and 120 scouts competed.

This marks the last day of the scout's continuous campfire,which they started last Saturday.

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