Bristol, VA City Council reviews latest budget proposal at weekend workshop

BRISTOL, VA 5-12.jpg

Today, Bristol, Virginia City Council members met to discuss the city's budget.

City Manager, Randall Eads, presented the latest budget proposal that's been revised after this week's public hearing.

Mayor Kevin Mumpower says the council is discussing if any further revisions need to be made.

One of the main topics discussed today relates to school funding. The current proposal includes less funding for Bristol, Virginia school system than last year.

However, Mayor Mumpower says this is because the state has stepped up, and is now giving more funding than usual to Bristol schools.

"The state actually put in over $900,000 more this year, which means we don't have to put in as much money. A lot of people say this is a cut, but we view it as the state is actually putting in more funds to subsidize what we need for education," said Mumpower.

The council also discussed ways the city could save money by using inmates on work releases.

"We can get the inmates back into the community and get them working. That relieves the city from paying for them to be in jail, and makes them more productive. It would actually save us quite a bit of money," said Mumpower.

Any revisions created today will be included in the next proposal.

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