Bristol, Virginia receives $500,000 to build water treatment plant

Bristol, Virginia receives $500,000 to build water treatment plant

BRISTOL, Va. - Six Southwest Virginia projects are receiving a number of grants from the Appalachian Regional Commission-- totaling almost $2.5 million.

The city of Bristol, Virginia is one of the areas receiving a grant worth $500,000.

That money is going to a project called Manufacturing X.

The Interim Director of Community Development says this project will build a new water treatment plant for the textile manufacturer American Merchant.

"The way it's going to work is we're the ones who are financially going to funnel the money through. So, the city will apply for the funds, receive the funds, and then use those funds to purchase the equipment and to purchase the facility. The ownership of that facility will actually be with BVU," said Bart Poe.

He said BVU will own the facility because they have more experience with sanitary sewers.

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