California man arrested for threatening Virginia congressman on Facebook

Photo credit: MGN Online

*Warning: Some readers may find the content in this article offensive.*

A California man has been arrested after authorities say he made threats on Facebook to a U.S. House of Representatives member from Virginia.

According to U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen, 28-year-old Eun Soo Lee of Cypress, California, was arrested and charged with one count of making a threatening communication to injure another person through interstate commerce. Lee was arrested Thursday in California and will make his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Abingdon on Tuesday.

The criminal complaint and affidavit said Facebook user "Fwafefewawe Gaefawef," later identified to be Lee, sent a number of threatening messages to U.S. House of Representative member "TG's" Facebook account.

Authorities said some of the threatening messages included the following:

“I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter. Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. F**cking bitch”

“You’re dead if I ever meet you in real life, fu**cker. I’ll fu**ing kill you.”

“I would love to fu**ing send your fu**ing useless ass to the hospital in intensive care, fighting for your worthless life.”

The only U.S. House member from Virginia with the initials "TG" is Tom Garrett, Jr., who represents the 5th congressional district.

“The First Amendment does not protect individuals who use social media and other online forms of communication to threaten violence,” U.S. Attorney Cullen stated. “This United States Attorney’s Office will continue to hold accountable those who use social media to threaten others.”

Investigators interviewed Lee in California on July 13, 2017 in Cypress, California, who said Lee admitted to sending threatening messages to the congressman. Lee said he sent the threats because he was frustrated with the congressman's views. Lee also admitted to sending similar threatening messages to other elected officials.

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