Construction of Bristol animal shelter delayed, stray dogs sent to Scott County

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Bristol, Virginia was scheduled to open a new animal shelter in October. That open date came and went, and the shelter is still not finished.

While the shelter is being constructed, Bristol is sending its stray dogs to the Scott County Animal Shelter.

"The shelter here has been at capacity quite a few times in the past few months," said Billy Denton of the Scott County Humane Society.

Bristol is paying Scott County for the extra help, but Denton says the added dogs are putting a strain on the Humane Society's resources.

"We've had 70 dogs come here from Bristol," said Denton. The Humane Society is now paying for more dog food and vet bills than usual.

"We had a meeting last year because it was getting financially tight," said Denton.

Bristol's original plan was to construct its shelter in no more than 90 days for $125,000.

"Construction was slowed down due to the cold weather snap that we had in December and January," said Bristol City manager Randy Eads. "Then some parts were on back order for interior equipment."

Eads says the shelter should be open by mid March. Until then, the Scott County shelter will continue accepting up to 10 dogs a month from Bristol.

Denton is looking forward to the opening date.

"It's nice to know we won't have that extra influx coming in," said Denton.

Denton says they are always in need of volunteers, foster homes for the dogs, and monetary donations. To find out more about the Humane Society, click here.

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