Extra officers scheduled at Abingdon High School after reported threat


Officials said there will be extra officers at Abingdon High School Monday, March 5 after a threat investigation.

They said on Friday, March 2nd, the Abingdon Police Department conducted an investigation of a possible threat to Abingdon High School. They said the source of the possible threat was identified as a juvenile. An investigation determined that threat was unsubstantiated.

Police said on Sunday, March 4th, more claims and social media posts started to circulate regarding Friday's reported threat. Police re-investigated the matter, conducted more interviews and found the threat still to be not credible.

Police said there is no threat to students or faculty at Abingdon High School. As a precaution, there will be extra officers at the school on Monday for reassurance.

As of 7:00 Sunday night, police spoke with the author of the Snapchat post pictured here. They said the person posted it as a way to warn people, but the person did not verify the information.

Officials are encouraging everyone to contact police in the future with any rumors of information before posting on social media.

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