Food City celebrates local law enforcement in honor of National Police Week

Food City associates gathered to thank law enforcement officers from around the region for their service to the community. (K. Roberts, WCYB)

Food City celebrated National Police Week by treating local and state law enforcement officers to a special breakfast Tuesday.

The grocery store chain invited officers from around the region to the company headquarters to celebrate.

"We really do appreciate it, and I'll add we also appreciate the people out in the public," Captain Maynard Ratcliff with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department said. "We notice when they fly their blue line flags, their thin blue line flags and also their blue porch lights that they burn at night. We just want to know we appreciate that and we notice it."

More than 300 associates were on hand to greet authorities with a special sign and thank them for their service to the community.

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman said, "It means a lot. Food City has been extremely good to us, not only in this event, but in many, many other events that they have. Certainly to recognize law enforcement, not only the sheriff's office, but our local and state police means a tremendous amount."

Food City CEO Steve Smith said he has made it a priority to thank law enforcement and military members who put their lives at risk to give his employees an opportunity to live and work freely.

"These men and women do their job so we get to do ours. We get to work in a free enterprise system to serve the public and do it safely because of their service, not only to police officers, but to military, to keep our country free and to keep our people safe. Again, we recognize they put their life on the line every day when they go to work," Smith said.

This is the third year Food City has hosted law enforcement at the Abingdon headquarters.

"We really appreciate that, especially with us losing officers in the past. Even I have worked with six of them who have been killed in the line of duty, so it means so much and we always love to come to things like this," Sullivan County Chief Deputy Lisa Christian said.

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