Hikers in Scott County found, EMS officials give tips if going out

EMS officials say to make sure you bring your cell phone and that it's fully charged if going on a hike.

Four had to be rescued at a popular hiking spot called Devils Bathtub - after getting lost.

Scott County's EMS coordinator Jeff Brickey's team was involved in the rescue.

"One of the things we want to remind folks about is to select trails that are appropriate for them" Brickey says. "There's trails that are physically challenging and the Bathtub trail is no exception. It's pretty rough terrain."

EMS officials say to carry a cell phone on you when going for a hike and make sure it's fully charged. That way if you run into problems or get lost, you're able to call someone and get help."

That's how they were able to find the lost hikers. They mapped a location from the phone the hikers used to call.

But even with that, Ethan Hillman knows these trails well and says fellow hikers getting off trail in these areas is not unusual. He says trail markers could be better.

"Signs could be better" Hillman says. "People just need to stay on the path."

Regardless, it's important hikers are prepared

"Having any snacks, medicine, anything they need to carry with them" Brickey says. "Flashlights, things they can carry in their pocket or a knapsack that they take with them."

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