Lawmakers prepare to focus on top items in Virginia budget

Lawmakers prepare to focus on top items in Virginia budget

It is just over a week before Virginia lawmakers head into session.

They will have a number of things to accomplish aside from passing bills. The General Assembly also needs to pass a budget.

News 5 sat down with Delegate Israel O'Quinn to find out about the most pressing issues.

He said the top three items include the 'rainy day fund', which allows the state to keep a top bond rating.

The state will also re-benchmark for K-12 education funding because much of the funding for localities relies on population. The fastest-growing line-item in the state budget is funding for Medicaid.

O'Quinn said this year's revenue stream seems to be meeting projections to cover the necessary expenses.

"We're hopeful that the overall economy of Virginia is going to remain strong, although we haven't gotten that ripple effect here in southwest Virginia yet," O'Quinn said.

State representatives will also have the responsibility of discussing possible raises for state employees.

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