Meals on Wheels gives a helping hand to those in need

Abingdon's meals on wheels

WASHINGTON COUNTY, VA - Abingdon's Meals on Wheels program delivers food to people in need. About 80-percent of those people are homebound or have a severe disability.

"I know a lot of the people personally because I've delivered the meals for a long time, and now I prepare it and make sure everyone gets a meal," says cook at the Community Center of Abingdon Debra Murray.

"We buy the food, Debbie and helpers prepare the food, we have special containers that they're put into, and there's a hot and a cold meal delivered on Monday morning and a hot and a cold meal delivered on Thursday afternoon," says executive director of the Community Center of Abingdon Nathalie Graham.

The meals are prepared according to health department regulations, and ready to eat when they're delivered.

"They usually get salad and then I like to put a biscuit or ham biscuit in there a lot of times because that can warm that up because they also get a hot meal," Murray says.

Abingdon's Meals on Wheels regularly feeds about 75 people twice a week.

"We're always needing volunteers, and we're needing volunteers Christmas Day because we're going to be sending out a lot of meals that day," Murray says.

The program also relies on fundraising and donations.

"We don't have federal funding, we don't have state funding and we don't actually have local funding, so the program is ours. We fund it by means of a fundraiser, like we did last year and we're getting ready to do again this year called drive away hunger," says Graham.

For more information on community events, how to volunteer, and how to donate, visit the Community Center of Abingdon's website: and find them on Facebook: The Community Center of Abingdon.

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