Moving on after house fire-- family in desperate need of help

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It's been two weeks since a fire completely engulfed a home in Castlewood, Va.

Mildred Elam lived there with her son Eulies White. Today is the first time they're back looking at the damage. Seeing their home as rubble brings Mildred to tears.

The morning of the fire, Eulies didn't think they were going to make it out. Mildred can barely walk because of hip problems, and was still in her bedroom when the fire broke out.

"I hollered at my mom and told her the house was on fire! I grabbed her and helped her down the steps," said Eulies.

They lost everything in the fire and are now homeless. They're trying to start over from scratch.

"It's hard to give up things that you've had for years," said Mildred.

"We're in need of everything. Everything I'm wearing was gifted and donated to me," said Eulies.

Mildred received a new wheelchair and walker from donations, but she still needs glasses, teeth, and hearing aids.

Without hearing aids, family members say she's nearly deaf.

Even though they still need many basic necessities, the family is grateful for the help they've received thus far.

"If it weren't for people helping me, what could I do?" said Mildred.

The family is getting help from the Red Cross and the county.

"I was able to make sure the residents had a place to stay, some funds to get food and lodging so they could figure out where they're headed next," said Barry Abromovage, the Red Cross volunteer who responded to the house fire.

Both Mildred and Eulies thank the Red Cross and all the first responders for their help.

The family would like to rebuild their home, but they need to figure out how much it will cost before they can move forward.

For now, they are living with family members, hoping a new housing option becomes available.

If you want to help, call Jess Powers, the Russell County Emergency Manager, and he will tell you where to donate to. His number is 276-889-8247.

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