Officials reveal cause of fire at Mountain Mission School

Officials at Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Virginia hope to reopen the facility on Thursday following a fire on the campus Tuesday night. (E. Romano, WCYB)

Students at Mountain Mission School are getting back to normal- a day after the boy's dormitory caught fire Tuesday night.

The residential Christian school is home to students from all over the world. Thanks to the quick response from the fire department and rescue squad, no one was hurt.

"We saw heavy smoke. We had trouble getting to the stairwell but eventually made it," said the Grundy Fire Department Chief Jason Matney.

School officials are now tracing the cause of the fire.

"A tree above our building that we refer to as Parker Hall. fell, and brought down a power line," said Chris Mitchell, the Chief Financial Officer of the school.

That high voltage line landed on the roof of the boy's dorm, starting the fire. It also sparked a fire in the woods behind the dorm.

Chief Matney says they had multiple agencies on scene and that all of the residents were evacuated safely.

The fire damage was contained to one room, but smoke damage can be seen throughout the building. Windows and doors of the building are open today, in hopes of airing out the smoke.

"We have some water damage, which was due to a water break that happened in the area of the fire," said Mitchell.

Community members were kind enough to help house the students while the fire was blazing.

"The Church of Christ Youth Camp opened their doors, and was very gracious and hospitable to us," said Mitchell.

Now, the school must temporarily relocate those 125 students and faculty. Mitchell says they have alternative housing for them to stay in on campus while repairs are made.

"We're moving what items we can and trying to get all the kids back with a change of clothes," said Mitchell.

The school hopes to reopen on Thursday.

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