Pumped hydroelectric storage station expected to be 'cash infusion'


SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - A new energy storage center is proposed in our area. Now, officials are sharing the details on the impact of what that business could bring to the region.

"The numbers that have come back look great for the counties," Scott County administrator Freda Starnes said.

There are two proposed location sites in the region. One of the location sites is listed in Appalachia; the second is located in Tazewell County. The construction phase would be a $2 billion dollar investment.

"It shows us that this project is going to be a cash infusion into the economy of southwest Virginia, which is very exciting," State Delegate Todd Pillion said.

The 10-year build will generate $320 million for southwest Virginia. The site would also create more than 2,000 jobs attracting people to the coalfields.

Pillion said, "We have far too many people that are moving outside of southwest Virginia right now and not enough moving in."

Eight localities have signed a tax revenue-sharing agreement for an estimated $12 million each year. Scott County administrator Freda Starnes says this is a boost many of the counties need.

Starnes said, "The money would go into the general fund, but of course, the departments in the county, the school system, any kind of infrastructure, economic development, we could really invest in those areas that are really needed in the county."

Dominion Power will be holding a public meeting next week in Big Stone Gap next week.

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