Scott County residents finally getting power back

Scott County residents should expect full power restoration by Thursday

While most counties saw lots of snow, Scott County has a different challenge.

Lots of snow and loss of power.

"We're down to about 34 hundred outages in far Southwestern Virginia,” says John Shepelwich. “That's on about 150 different locations."

Crews are working around the clock to restore power. Many are from all over the United States.

The main reason so many Scott County residents have lost power is because of the amount and weight of the snow. All the snow goes on tree branches. That runs the risk of branches collapsing and falling on power lines.

Riley Boy was fortunate to get power back Tuesday night.

"We had some generators that we have shared with other people in the community to keep their food from spoiling" Boy said.

To show his appreciation, he brought goodies for the crews.

"Whether it's a hurricane, tornado, or a snowstorm, get in the hearts of people to help others" Boy said.

Appalachian Power says the goal is to have full restoration by tomorrow.

To check updated restoration times, click here or call 1-800-956-4237.

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