Scott County woman plays role of Santa Claus; distributes hundreds of presents to kids in need


SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - By day, Liz Riggs-McNabb is the manager of the Black Diamond Market in Weber City, Virginia. By night, she's Scott County's version of Santa Claus.

"We work with the school systems, the teachers and guidance counselors to find kids in the highest need situations," Riggs-McNabb says.

This year, her Christmas list is longer than ever. It's stuffed with the names of 359 Scott County students.

"Each child fills out a sheet with their clothing size, their interests, and what they want for Christmas," she says.

And then Riggs-McNabb goes to work, filling the care packages with at least three toys and two outfits for each kid.

"One little boy," she begins to explain as a large smile comes across her face. "God love his heart. He couldn't contain himself he was so excited."

A Christmas wishlist for that many kids can be expensive. Riggs-McNabb raises the money for the gifts from customer donations at her store, and the store itself.

"[Black Diamond Market] lets us take our coffee sales from October, November and December as donations they pay for the supplies," she says.

A good number of the presents are already wrapped, but there are still hundreds more that need to be attended to.

"We can use extra money and extra wrapping hands," she explains. "It's a community. It takes a lot of people to do something this big."

To help out, the Hiltons Memorial United Methodist Church in Scott County holds wrapping parties every week.

"Knowing that these toys were specifically chosen by the child that was going to receive them and to think about how excited they must be, it is very energizing," Jason Ratliff, the pastor at the church, says. "It is like Christmas for us."

Riggs-McNabb and the church are always looking for extra volunteers to help them wrap the remaining gifts. If you'd like assist, give them a call at this number: (276) 386-9441

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