The dangers of family decal stickers


You see them on the back of SUV's, sedans and even minivans. They are those little stick figure family stickers.

Now some are questioning whether or not it's a good idea to broadcast who may be on board.

We posted an article on our Facebook page Wednesday afternoon asking your opinion. Do you think decal stickers on the back of your car can leave your family in a sticky situation?

A Washington County Tennessee police officer weighed in on the topic and the dangers that these decals could potentially cause.

"In my opinion, I think it's a bad idea," says Debbie Honeycutt.

"It's my family, my kids, my dog and it's just something that I like on my car," adds Cammy Williams.

The opinions vary depending on who you talk to. Officers from the Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff's Department say use your own discretion.

"What all do you want out there for the public to see," asks Officer Randall Wines? "If I got my wife and my children with me your life's right there in that vehicle. Why take any steps to put anybody in danger?"

Police say the decked out decals do become dangerous when they go as far as showing a child's name or what school they attend. But we went to Facebook and asked what you thought.

Rachel Cartwright Kimbler posted, "It gives WAY too much information."

But Elizabeth Ferrell weighed in on the issue saying that her stickers don't have names or anything but she could see where that may be a problem. Her don't give away more info than the two car seats in the back of her car already give away.

Officers say it's not just these popular stick figures that could help predators and thieves easily track their next victims and they advise you think twice about anything personal you're sharing with those who share the roadways.

"You're putting your life on the back of your vehicle," says Officer Wines.

Washington County Tennessee Sheriff's Department says the decal warnings don't stop at your car. And although it may seem obvious, give it a second thought before posting your child's name to their clothes or backpacks.

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